Quick Tour

Here’s quick guide to creating your first PushMon URL.

Provide the schedule string and timezone that the job you want to monitor must be run. Here are the allowed schedule patterns:

Schedule Patterns

When you create a PushMon URL, you can choose what way you want to be notified for an alert. You may send your alerts to any of the following:

  • Email
  • Phone Call
  • SMS
  • Twitter
  • URL
  • Google Talk
  • PagerDuty

Create URL

In your PushMon dashboard, you may view the PushMon URLs you have created. Boxed in red is the URL you will need to ping within the schedule you indicated.

PushMon Dashboard

For other programming and scripting languages, check out our sample code page.

And that’s it! Now think of all the applications and scripts that run in your system on a regular basis. Things like backups, tests, builds, cron jobs. You can start creating PushMon URLs for each of those.